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Particularly important was the resistance of the Colombian troops at ", a coalition which would jointly govern the country.

Under the deal, the presidency would alternate between conservatives and liberals every 4 years for 16 years; the two parties would have parity in all other elective offices.

In 2015, the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE) reported that 27.8% of the population were living below the poverty line, of which 7.9% in "extreme poverty". i NNpulsa, a government body that promotes entrepreneurship and innovation in the country, provides grants to startups, in addition to other services it and institutions like provide.

Co-working spaces have arisen to serve as communities for startups large and small.

Some groups of indigenous people as the Caribs lived in a state of permanent war, but others had less bellicose attitudes.

To protect and exploit the indigenous peoples, several forms of land ownership and regulation were established: resguardos, encomiendas and haciendas.

They farmed maize, potato, quinoa and cotton, and traded gold, emeralds, blankets, ceramic handicrafts, coca and salt with neighboring nations.

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A toll road concession programme will comprise 40 projects, and is part of a larger strategic goal to invest nearly bn in transport infrastructure, including: railway systems; making the was very heavy in the mid-20th century, and Colombia is now one of the most urbanized countries in Latin America.The urban population increased from 31% of the total in 1938 to nearly 60% in 1973, and by 2014 the figure stood at 76%. The specific number of spoken languages varies slightly since some authors consider as different languages what others consider are varieties or dialects of the same language.

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